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New York State Teaching Standards

New York State
Teaching Standards
September 12, 2011

Standard I: Knowledge of Students and Student Learning

Teachers acquire knowledge of each student, and demonstrate knowledge of student development and learning to promote achievement for all students.

Standard II: Knowledge of Content and Instructional Planning

Teachers know the content they are responsible for teaching, and plan instruction that ensures growth and achievement for all students. 

Standard III: Instructional Practice

Teachers implement instruction that engages and challenges all students to meet or exceed the learning standards.

Standard IV: Learning Environment

Teachers work with all students to create a dynamic learning environment that supports achievement and growth.

Standard V: Assessment for Student Learning

Teachers use multiple measures to assess and document student growth, evaluate instructional effectiveness, and modify instruction.

Standard VI: Professional Responsibilities and Collaboration

Teachers demonstrate professional responsibility and engage relevant stakeholders to maximize student growth, development, and learning.

Standard VII: Professional Growth

Teachers set informed goals and strive for continuous professional growth.