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Common Core Learning Standards

The Standards

New York State adopted the Common Core Standards in July 2010 with the understanding that New York State could add an additional 15% of NYS-specific standards in ELA and Mathematics. The Board of Regents approved the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards in January 2011. See the New York State P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for Math and ELA.

The Common Core State Standards are fewer, clearer and higher than most state standards, and include rigorous content and application of knowledge through higher order skills. But how do the CCSS compare to the NYS standards? See the table below for some key differences between the current NYS Standards and Common Core State Standards.

ELA Differences

Math Differences

  • Standards increase in complexity from K-12, helping to articulate what students need to know and be able to do along this trajectory and assist with differentiation
  • Literacy-building as a shared responsibility for all content area teachers
  • Emphasis on teaching reading of informational text
  • Emphasis on steadily increasing students' ability to understand more and more complex text over time
  • Integration of research skills across standards and grades
  • Emphasis on writing to argue, inform, and explain in the upper grades to prepare students for college-level writing
  • Fewer topics; more generalizing and linking of concepts

    • Well-aligned with the way high-achieving countries teach math
  • Emphasis on both conceptual understanding and procedural fluency starting in the early grades

    • More time to teach and reinforce core concepts from K-12
    • Some concepts will now be taught later
  • Focus on mastery of complex concepts in higher math (e.g., algebra and geometry) via hands-on learning
  • Emphasis on mathematical modeling in the upper grades