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Spanish For Educators

Spanish For Educators I is an in-service workshop that provides a basic Spanish language course to assist educators with understanding and speaking Spanish with students and parents at beginning level.  With permission from Good Apple Publishing, the attached file includes over 60 forms, letters, and lists in both English and Spanish from the Joni Britt book Hola! Communicating with Spanish-Speaking Parents to ease communication between school and home.  

The majority of the letters use a check system for choosing the desired message.  These invaluable forms, letters, and lists are just one component of communication.  It is also highly recommended the attachments should be used in addition to contact by bilingual personnel.  Personal contact with parents is also an extremely important part of an effective school-home communications system.

Spanish For Educators II is a continuation of basic Spanish language use in the classroom and communication with parents or guardians.

All attached files are entitled by subject or purpose of the message to the family.  If you would like to view the hardcopies as well as browse the Spanish-English resources in the Teacher Center Library, please come to the Center at your convenience.