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Collegial Circles: Going Digital!

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Collegial Circles: An Alternative In-service Program

This is a perfect alternative to attending virtual and in-person workshops

Response from needs assessments indicate that teachers rank the sharing of ideas, teaching strategies and techniques as their highest priority for in-service staff development. 

Collegial Circles provide teachers with structured time for collegial support and study as well as an opportunity for reflection on classroom practices. The program enables teachers to identify needs for professional growth and to satisfy these needs through sharing and group problem solving. Therefore, a formal support process, Collegial Circles, is established for sharing expertise and for problem solving through group processes. In-service credit can be earned by active participation and attendance.

Teachers may form groups of eight members by agreed upon interests and needs. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • New York State Learning Standards and Assessments
  • Issues related to District Goals
  • Ideas for student empowerment
  • Rigor and equity in education

Topics of interest at this time: addressing the needs of ENL students, racism and bias and equity. Need help forming a Collegial Circle?  Here are some suggested Collegial Circle topics:

Addressing the Needs of ENL Students: 

  • Academic Language for ENL Learners
  • Inclusive Classrooms for Newcomer ENLs
  • Culturally Responsive Classrooms
  • Strategies for SIFE Success
  • Instructional Supports for English Language Learners

Racism and Bias:

  • Institutional Racism:  Bias' and Solutions
  • Facing Racism in Education 
  • Dismantling Racism in Education
  • Understanding Systemic Racism


  • Best Practices for Equitable Classrooms
  • Creating A Welcoming School Environment
  • Creating Safe Spaces for All Students

Each group must submit the accompanying application to the Teacher Center Policy Board for approval. The Teacher Center Director in conjunction with the Teacher Center Board Chair and the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum Instruction and Assessment will approve all applications as they are received. Each participant will receive a written confirmation that the group has been approved.