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Dignity Act in Practice
It is the responsibility of each person to help make a safe and welcoming place where everyone feels comfortable.  We treat each other with respect and kindness.  We don’t make fun of or exclude people for how they look, what they think or believe, or how they feel.  We accept and celebrate both the ways in which we are the same and the ways in which we are different, and we learn from each other.
Anyone who is made to feel frightened, or embarrassed, or uncomfortable anywhere in the school- classroom, playground, lunchroom, bathroom, hallway, or on the bus, or through the use of a computer or cell phone is able to get help by speaking to an adult –teacher, counselor, school nurse, principal, aide, bus driver or parent. 
Anyone who hears, sees, or knows of a friend in trouble is also able to get help from an adult. 
As members of the school community, we all must stand up for each other to be upstanders instead of bystanders.
To better provide information and resources for our families, we have provided the links listed below.  You may also contact the Dignity Act Coordinators at your school if you have any questions or require assistance.

Dignity Act Coordinators 2022-2023

Lorrie Director, Director of Guidance, District Dignity Act Coordinator


Daly Elementary School

Lucia Laguarda

Ericka Bloomfield

Casey Horowitz

Jessica Shawver - Pre-K


Guggenheim Elementary School

Dr. Kimberly Licato

Matt DiCarlo

Arzu Alkan

Gia Campagna


Manorhaven Elementary School

Dr. Eric Mace

Dr. Robert Cerpa

Barbara O'Donnell


Salem Elementary School

Dr. Pia Ferrante

Diana Arrese

Gina Kelly


Sousa Elementary School

Meg Sheehan

Grace Podell

Justine Koo


Weber Middle School

Beth Javeline

Daniela Venegas

Jessica Zuckerman


Schreiber High School

Dr. Kati Behr

Kristen Anisis

Dr. Adriana Najera-Pollack