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CTLE: Form, Registration, and Requirements

New Registration and Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) Requirements for Classroom Teachers and School Leaders Holding a Permanent* or Professional Certificate, and Level III Teaching Assistant Certificate Holders

*Permanently Certified Teachers must register on TEACH, but are not subject to 100 of professional development over 5 years.
WHO needs 100 hours of CTLE every 5 years?  The Office of Teacher Initiatives (OTI) has "Quick Links" for your information as well as the chart that explains which certificate types are subject to CTLE requirements (click on "Forms"):
The Office of Teaching Initiatives (OTI) has a included "Frequently Asked Questions" for your information:
 Upon completion of a Teacher Center workshop or in-service course, teachers needing P.D. hours will need to complete a Certificate of Completion form that is signed by the Director of the Teacher Center, which is the approved sponsor.  Click on the link to view the Certificate of Completion:
KEEP A RECORD: This form is provided for use by individuals holding either a Professional Certificate or a Teaching Assistant Level III certificate. This document will assist CTLE certificate holders with maintaining records of CTLE activities in accordance with certification regulations.  You will not submit this form unless you are requested:
Detailed information about the Language Acquisition Requirements:
Required ENL Hours and Exemptions Chart
CONTACT NYSED: Office of Teaching Initiatives: