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Register for Teacher Center Courses on My Learning Plan:



District Technology Staff Developer Jackie Gilmartin has a link with visuals and written directives for all who would like to register for Teacher Center or District workshops and Professional Development on My Learning Plan. Click on the link to view the easy to follow directions:

How To Register for Workshops on My Learning Plan

Use the Comb Binder 200:

What is it? The ComBind 200 is a manual "Comb Binder" used to attach bindings to paper.  The picture above is a close twin of the ComBind in the Teacher Center.  Binding combs are available in 1/4" and 1/2" size.  Please notify the Center Director if you would like to use the ComBind.
 Use the Keurig Mini Brewing System (in closet):

Image result for keurig mini k15

Use the Keurig Mini Brewing System (video)