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Activate Your ParentVUE Account

This section is for families with students currently enrolled in Port Washington UFSD. Kindly check your email for your Activation Letter. 

To activate your new ParentVUE account 

  1. Click the ParentVUE Activation link in the email and follow the instructions below. 
  2. Read through the Privacy Statement. 
  3. Click "I Accept" (located at the bottom of the page). 
  4. Enter your own chosen username, password, and your email address. Keep your password memorized and secure. 
  5. Click "Complete Account Activation" to finish setting up the account.  
  6. Click the Online Registration button, and then click Begin Registration.  
  7. Once complete, review the changes then click the Submit button.  
  8. Click the ParentVUE button in the top right corner to view the portal. 
Note 1
Note: Please use a password you can remember and that does not include your name. If you forget your password you can reset it, but this process will require access to your email and extra time.
CONGRATULATIONS! You are now in your ParentVUE account. Review the Getting Started Guide below for further support.
If you have additional questions, please email [email protected].
Registration Note