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Port Washington Union Free School District 

Central Registration Department


Administrative Annex – 90 Avenue C Port Washington, NY 11050 

(516)767-5470 EMAIL: [email protected] 


All registration information is available through our Online Registration Portal. Online Registration is for New Student Registration, Change of Address, Private School
District Registration
and Port Washington Residents moving from Private School to Public School


Please understand that in accordance with Board of Education policies 5140, 5150, and 5153, no child will be admitted to school without all the necessary forms completed.  (Please note: Several documents in the online registration portal must be downloaded and  notarized prior to completing the registration process). 


To Parents/Guardians Registering Students to Attend PWUFSD: 

The Port Washington Union Free School District affirms that its primary responsibility is to provide the best possible educational opportunities for those children who are legal district residents. 

RESIDENCY: According to the State Education Department residency means domicile, which requires one’s physical presence and the intention to remain there permanently. Generally, a student’s legal school district residence is presumed to be that of their parent(s)/ legal guardian.  

PROOF OF RESIDENCY: Students will not be registered to attend PWUFSD until acceptable proof of residency is provided to the district.  

GUARDIANSHIP: When an application is made for a student in the PWUFSD by a resident of the district who is NOT the student’s natural or adopted parent or legal guardian, the non-judicial custodial guardian must have the full responsibility for the care and custody of the child to the exclusion of all other persons for the student to be considered a resident of the district. This must be documented by legal court papers if applicable. Parents may not assign guardianship for the purpose of a student(s) to attend school in the district.  

IMMUNIZATIONS: Must be submitted at time of registration. All immunizations must specify the date the immunization was administered. Your child will not be permitted to attend school without the necessary verification of immunizations. (Not applicable for Private School application.) 

FOR KINDERGARTEN ONLY:  Registration will take place in January for the following September. It is important that you complete the online registration process within the district's registration period. Doing so will help the school district have the appropriate teachers in place at each building for the new school year. Children must be five years old by December 1st in the year they will begin Kindergarten. 

WEBER MIDDLE SCHOOL: Students planning to enter Weber Middle School (grades six through eight) in September can register beginning in March. Please complete both the New Student Registration Forms and the Middle School Form. Early registration is encouraged to ensure that middle school students can attend orientation sessions and have their schedules processed along with continuing students. Students transferring from another middle school during the school year must register as soon as possible and are asked to bring their school records with them. 

SCHREIBER HIGH SCHOOL: Registration applications for students entering Schreiber High School in September will be accepted in the beginning of March.  


If you need help with any aspect of the registration process, please call Central Registration at 767- 5470 or email us at [email protected] to set up an appointment. 

If you are experiencing housing issues or a recent loss of housing, please call our McKinney-Vento Liaison at 767-4954. 

The Office of Central Registration is in the Administrative Annex at 90 Avenue C. There is a separate entrance located on the south side of Daly Elementary School. 

The Port Washington school district looks forward to meeting our new students and beginning what we are confident will be a successful partnership. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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