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Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education offers an extensive program designed to provide essential learning activities which promote skills that foster active and healthy lifestyles for students K-12. All learning activities are designed to be age and grade level appropriate while providing the necessary foundations for success in physical education in subsequent years.

The teaching staff is extremely knowledgeable and well trained in instruction delivery to provide the highest quality learning experiences to the district’s students. Each instructor utilizes a variety of physical activities to ensure high levels of learning for all students through differentiated learning. In addition the staff regularly collaborates with staff members at all three building levels to ensure there is scope and sequence through the K-12 program.

The curriculum is designed to provide students appropriate experiences at each learning level. These experiences include activities such as fine and gross motor movement, spatial awareness, safety, sport specific skills, lifetime activities, dance, adventure based activities, and continuous emphasis on life long personal fitness. The curriculum content for all grade levels is in compliance with both the New York State Learning Standards and the National Association of Sport and Physical Education.

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