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Health and Physical Education

Nick Schratwieser Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics
Address: Schreiber High School
Phone: 516-767-5990
Instagram & Twitter: @PortWashHPE
The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics offers students comprehensive experiences in all three discipline areas. It is the department's philosophy that each individual area, while comprehensive and challenging, supports the foundations of knowledge found in all three areas. The development of the student's abilities to lead a lifestyle that incorporates healthy choices, in depth knowledge of personal fitness principles, and opportunities to physically challenge the body are the building blocks for future wellness. The Port Washington District supports and encourages its students to explore each discipline to the maximum extent possible and acknowledge the strong correlation between sound bodies and sound minds. Listed on the left are related links with the HPEA department that may be helpful to you. Click on the link of your choice and explore the many offerings afforded to our students. Should you not be able to find the specific information you seek, please feel free to contact the HPEA Office at 516-767-5990 for further assistance.