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Emergency Preparedness Committee

One of the unique features of the district's emergency preparedness structure is the presence of a district wide Emergency Preparedness Committee.  The Emergency Preparedness Committee serves several vital functions:  
  • Brings together members of the district staff, local first responders and community residents who are experts in emergency preparedness.
  • Harnesses the expertise of the community and local first responders.
  • Reviews and discusses district responses to crisis.
  • Advises district personnel on matters relating to safety and security.
  • Acts as a clearinghouse for ideas and information, and is often the birthplace of significant safety and security enhancements in the district.

If you are interested is contacting the Emergency Preparedness Committee to either make a suggestion or share vital information a special email box has been established.  Click here to email the District Coordinator of Security, Mr. Brian Graham.

Emergency Preparedness Committee Membership
  • Adam Smith, Pres. Board of Education (co-chair)
  • Brian Graham, Coord. of District Security (co-chair)
  • Dr. Michael Hynes, Superintendent of Schools
  • Robert Seiden, former chair of EPC and former Pres. of BOE
  • John Nicholson, FBI
  • Richard Frankel, Ret. FBI
  • Mike Lewis, FBI
  • Tom McDonough, TONH OEM
  • Dr. David Hirschwerk, Infectious Disease Attending at NSUH and the Medical Director of NSUH
  • Regina McLean, President of PWTA
  • Nicholas Schratwieser, Athletic Director
  • Dr. Stephanie Allen, Assistant Superintendent of PPS
  • Ryan Meloni, Executive Director of Technology
  • Robert Del Muro, Chief of Police PWPD
  • Asst. Chief Kevin McCarrol, Asst. Chief of PWPD
  • Det. Anthony Guzzello, SRO PWPD
  • Chief Thomas Rhule, Chief of Police SPPD
  • Brian Waterson, Chief PWFD 
Last Modified on August 21, 2023