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Emergency Preparedness

 Welcome to the Port Washington School District Emergency Preparedness web site.  On these pages you will find contact information, descriptions of the organizational framework used by our district to manage emergency preparedness as well as information and resources.  
The Port Washington Public Schools places the highest value on student safety and many resources are dedicated to making sure that your child's school is as prepared as possible for a possible emergency.  The building committee in each school is comprised of an administrator, teachers, paraprofessionals, mental health staff and first responders.  Each school in the district has a Building Safety Team that develops an Emergency Response Plan.  Each plan is comprehensive in nature and addresses areas such as evacuation procedures, drills and exercises and staff deployment in the event of an emergency.  These plans also detail mental health support, parent reunion instructions and other key elements.  Please understand that the details of these plans must remain confidential in order to 
protect student safety.
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The district also has a District Safety Committee that develops a district wide plan that encompasses each building plan. The District Safety Committee is comprised of administrators and/or teachers from each each school, first responders, and representatives of various bargaining units.  The District Safety Committee reviews building plans and levels of preparedness. 
One of the unique features of the district's emergency preparedness operations is the presence of a Board of Education ad hoc committee called the Emergency Preparedness Committee .  This committee serves in an advisory capacity and harnesses the talents and experience of various community members who have experience in the area of emergency preparedness and operations as well as the local police and fire departments, the Town of North Hempstead Office of Emergency Management and the Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management.