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The Arts educate, communicate and inspire us to know more about ourselves, each other and our place in the world. We believe in the unique learning opportunities provided by participating in the Creative Arts, and in the crucial role they play in educating the whole child. We provide the students of the Port Washington Schools with an arts curriculum that meets the New York State Learning Standards, Common Core Learning Standards, and promotes high levels of academic and creative achievement. Most importantly, we believe in the value of the arts as an essential voice of the human soul.



The Creative Arts Department of the Port Washington Schools will enrich the lives of students by providing opportunities to actively engage them in performing and visual arts activities at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Using a variety of approaches, students will develop both creativity and critical thinking skills. They will learn to integrate their artistic experiences with other academic subjects and different cultures. Students will hone communication and problem solving skills; learning craftsmanship and teamwork through sustained effort. Above all, our Creative Arts Faculty will prepare students to become thinking, articulate, sensitive and conscientious citizens. Their artistic experiences will help them gain a greater knowledge and respect for the world around them. Our students' creativity will help them in whatever endeavors they pursue in the future.



We believe that every child has the right to expect an education rich in the arts. Education in the arts provides avenues to crucial modes of thinking and learning. It helps students develop creativity and appreciation of various disciplines of the arts. Evidence also points to the arts' positive impact on achievement in other academic subjects.

The Port Washington Schools' arts curriculum is inherently exciting and stimulating. The diversity of our curricular and co-curricular offerings provides students the opportunity to discover talents and life skills regardless of experience, social status, cultural backgrounds or special needs. Creative challenges, in-depth experiences, and leadership opportunities encourage students to reach their fullest potential. By participating cooperatively and constructively, students develop an understanding and respect for the abilities and efforts of themselves and others. This creative involvement expands intellectual and philosophical horizons, preparing students to become well-rounded performers and artists, as well as informed consumers of the visual and performing arts.