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The Arts educate, communicate and inspire us to know more about ourselves, each other and our place in the world. We believe in the unique learning opportunities provided by participating in the Creative Arts, and in the crucial role they play in educating the whole child. We provide the students of the Port Washington Schools with an arts curriculum that meets the New York State Learning Standards, Common Core Learning Standards, and promotes high levels of academic and creative achievement. Most importantly, we believe in the value of the arts as an essential voice of the human soul.


The Creative Arts Department of the Port Washington Schools will enrich the lives of students by providing opportunities to actively engage them in performing and visual arts activities at the elementary, middle and high school levels. Using a variety of approaches, students will develop both creativity and critical thinking skills. They will learn to integrate their artistic experiences with other academic subjects and different cultures. Students will hone communication and problem solving skills; learning craftsmanship and teamwork through sustained effort. Above all, our Creative Arts Faculty will prepare students to become thinking, articulate, sensitive and conscientious citizens. Their artistic experiences will help them gain a greater knowledge and respect for the world around them. Our students' creativity will help them in whatever endeavors they pursue in the future.


In Port Washington, we believe that the Arts provide children with the unique opportunity to pursue excellence, while developing self-discipline, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving techniques. In conjunction with the New York State Learning Standards for the Arts, we wholeheartedly support the concept that the Fine and Performing Arts are an integral part of a core education for all children in our community.

Designated as core subjects on a national level, the arts (dance, music, theater, media arts, and visual arts) are challenging subjects with strong content and achievement standards at the state and national levels. They require highly qualified teachers who challenge all students, not just those who are considered artistically talented, to perform works of art, create their own works, and respond to works of art and the ideas they impart.

In addition to studying the arts for their own sake, experiencing and making works of art benefits students in their intellectual, personal, and social development. Research studies point to strong relationships between learning in the arts and fundamental cognitive skills. These capacities are used to master other core subjects, including reading, writing and mathematics. The arts are also vital to the social and emotional growth of children in our ever changing society.