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BOE Meeting Agendas, Minutes, & Highlights

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2023-2024 Board of Education Meeting Highlights:
The Superintendent’s report included that registration for pre-k and kindergarten has begun and there is information on our website if interested in registering. 
In preparation for Budget season, a presentation about preliminary asks as they related to curriculum, Pupil Personnel Services, and security personnel and materials were presented to the Board.  This was the beginning of the conversation and as the budget is put together these items may be included.  The meeting included presentation by two Schreiber High School Students – Siddhi Pandey and Carlos Rios.  They highlighted their academic experience at SHS and also an understanding of restorative practices.   
The following policies were adopted: 
Policy 1400 Chain of Communication for Public Complaints 
Policy 4321.12 Timeout and Physical Restraint (All Students) 
The Budget and Facilities Committee presented the following recommendation: 
Renu will present before the Board at either the April 2nd or 16th meeting and in advance of acceptance of the contract to proceed with proposed work. 
The Curriculum Committee updated the Board about the presentation about our Physical Education and Health programs throughout the district. 
The District Calendar for 2024-2025 was approved and can be viewed here.
The meeting included presentation by two Schreiber High School Students - Yasmeen Munoz and Michael Scott.  They provided insight on the use of AI in the classroom the need to utilize AI for more of a thinking partner.  Additionally they highlighted the benefit of having a financial literacy course for the students and the hope that it can be incorporated into the curriculum.

The following teachers and teachers' assistants were awarded tenure:
Teacher:  Stephanie Rekowicz from Weber
Teacher Assistants:
Angela Maguire from Manorhaven
Robin Lytle from Daly
The Board looks forward to celebrating with them in May at the tenure celebration.

The Assistant Superintendents presented information regarding the Code of Conduct Committee, with information about the committee to be posted on the website and also that the PPS Audit will be discussed at a future Board meeting once the final report is received.

Public Hearing on the Senior Tax Exemption which was approved by the Board of Education after it was presented that the total impact to the budget is around $65,000.00.  

Ms. Manuel and Mr. Graham presented the 5 year plan on the Transfer to Capital and discussed the possibility of increasing transfer to capital from $2,000,000 to $4,000,000.  A copy of the presentation can be found here.  

The Policy and Personnel Committee had a conversation regarding class size and how to make sure that the policy reflects the practice.  The Policy Committee will be examining this policy in greater detail taking the points of the conversation under advisement.

Policy 5605 Student Voter Pre-Registration and Registration was adopted.
The meeting included a presentation by two Schreiber High School Students - Nate Edelbaum and Taylor Schorr. They provided insight regarding antisemitism and the need to prepare senior students for conversations on college campuses as well as the need for increased parking for seniors in the Monfort lot.  
Barbara Graziano from BOCES and presented the results of the Demographic report. A copy of the report can be found here.
Brian Graham presented an update regarding the results of the security assessment and a 3 year proposal of draft budgetary requests.  A copy of the update can be found here. 
Dr. Ira Pernick presented an update on the DEI work within the district to date. A copy of the presentation can be found here.
Dr. Eric Mace was approved by the Board of Education to serve as the principal of Manorhaven Elementary school.
The Board of Education approved the District Reserve Plan which will be permanently posted on the District website. The District Reserve Plan can be found here.
The Chain of Communication document was discussed and will be shared with the community.  Additionally, policy 1400 was revised at the meeting to align with the language of the Chain of Communication and will be included for first read at the December 5th Board of Education meeting. 
Dr. Shields gave an enrollment report of 5,305 students, 54 students more than this time last year.
Dr. Hynes gave a brief report acknowledging challenges the district has faced this year so far; air conditioning, transportation, and Synergy student information system. He reminded the community that the district is working very hard to resolve these specific challenges. 

Dr. Hynes updated the community that Schreiber High School will continue to offer robust clubs and extracurriculars. A clear process has to establish clubs will be communicated to students and staff. The Schreiber Club fair will take place on September 28th in the lobby during lunch periods. 

Dr. Behr gave a presentation on AP and Regents scores and how the district performed, which can be found at:

Two Schreiber HS students, Anna Drewes and Milan John gave the first senior board report to the community. They highlighted such topics as: cafeteria/the commons enhancements, the need for air conditioning, and wifi. 
The BOE discussed board goals and Superintendent priorities for the 2023-2024 school year. The board goals can be found at:

The BOE approved Dr. Stephanie Allen’s request for a PPS Audit. The presentation can be found at:
Dr. Shields gave an enrollment report for kindergarten the 2023-2024 school year, which is currently 375 students. 
Dr. Hynes informed the community of the district’s transition to a new student information system Synergy. 
The BOE discussed Board goals for the 2023-2024 school year.