Our Vision and Mission

portrait of a graduate
Port Washington School District encompasses a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive community that believes in the potential of every learner. We expect that all of our graduates will become knowledgeable and responsible individuals who will thrive in, and contribute to, their world. We aspire to give every student the opportunity to pursue and explore their natural curiosities, and to be challenged and supported with varied experiences that lead them to become fulfilled, lifelong learners.
In order to thrive in and contribute to their world, all Port Washington graduates will:
-Become critical, creative, and innovative thinkers
-Engage with a rigorous curriculum that focuses on process, growth, and authentic learning in order to be college and career ready
-Develop communication skills and digital literacy
-Exhibit global citizenship and cultural fluency
-Practice individual and collaborative problem solving in multiple arenas
-Take risks, and learn from both failure and success to create resilience
-Embrace diversity and practice ethical behavior
-Demonstrate independence, integrity, and self reflection
-Acquire social and emotional intelligence and a growth mindset
-Develop and value life skills, life balance, and physical well being
-Become designers of their own future