Audit Advisory Committee Member Application

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The Port Washington Union Free School District Board of Education is seeking applications for one (1) opening on the District’s Audit Committee.   


The Audit Committee of the Port Washington Union Free School District has been established in accordance with Education Law Section 2116-c. The Audit Committee is a committee of the Port Washington Board of Education and is comprised of a total of seven to nine members, three Board trustees and 4-6 residents of the Port Washington community. The Audit Committee is the only New York State required committee of the Board of Education and must comply with certain requirements as set forth under Education Law. 


QUALIFICATIONS:  (Full listing of requirements included here in Charter) 

Interested applicants should:  

  • Possess the requisite skills and experience necessary to understand technical and complex financial reporting issues. 
  • Have the ability to communicate with, and offer advice and assistance to, public finance officers and auditors. 
  • Be knowledgeable about internal controls, financial statement audits and management/operational audits. 


Applicants may not be related to anyone working for or contracted with the District. 


Applicants must be a Port Washington resident but do not need to have children enrolled in the school district. 


This is a three year term with a minimum of four (4) meetings annually. Applicants will be expected to meet in person with the Audit committee for 1-2 hours during business hours. 


Interested?  Submit a completed application by 8:00 pm Sunday, June 30th, 2024Applicants will be notified of their status by July 3rd, 2024, and approved via resolution at the July 9th, 2024 Board of Education meeting (presence at the meeting is not required).


We thank you for your interest in serving the community and the children of the Port Washington Union Free School District.

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