Guggenheim Elementary School's Veterans Curriculum Culminates in Impactful Navy SEAL Visit

Guggenheim Elementary's 4th and 5th graders recently wrapped up their veteran’s curriculum with an educational and engaging visit from Brian Valenza, a former Navy SEAL and current representative from the Navy SEAL Foundation. The assembly provided students with a unique opportunity to connect with a Navy SEAL veteran and gain valuable insights into making a positive impact on the world.

Valenza, an alumnus of Port Washington and a former Navy SEAL, shared profound insights on the topic of "How to Change the World," leaving a lasting impression on the students at Guggenheim Elementary. During the session, students participated by asking questions and offering feedback. 

Dr. Licato, Principal at Guggenheim Elementary, expressed her enthusiasm about the visit, stating, "The interaction with Mr. Valenza was invaluable for our students. It's not every day they get to hear from someone with such a remarkable background and commitment to service." Maribeth Betsch, a teacher at Guggenheim Elementary, added, "The visit was a powerful culmination of our veteran's curriculum. Mr. Valenza's perspectives on making a positive difference resonated deeply with our students, providing them with inspiration and a broader understanding of their potential impact on the world."

The assembly marked Guggenheim Elementary's commitment to providing students with enriching educational experiences that extend beyond the classroom.


students asking questions


students with Brian


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