Daly Walk-to-School Event Celebrates National Car-Free Day with Community Support

[Port Washington, NY, September 2023] — In a resounding display of community spirit and sustainable living, the Daly Elementary School HSA proudly sponsored the Daly Walk to School event on Friday, September 22nd in collaboration with Residents Forward. The event, held to raise awareness of National Car-Free Day, witnessed an overwhelming turnout, with hundreds of students and parents coming together to walk from three neighboring meeting points.

The Daly Walk to School event proved to be a remarkable success, underscoring the community's commitment to school spirit and eco-friendly transportation alternatives.  Participants not only embraced the car-free lifestyle but also engaged in various activities. Residents Forward decorated the various walking routes with colorful chalk designs in a vibrant display of creativity. To keep the young participants refreshed and energized, juicy orange slices were distributed, providing a healthy treat for the kids. The HSA provided Daly tattoos for the kids and coffee for the adults. 

Safety was paramount throughout the event, thanks to the support of the Sands Point Police and the United Methodist Church. Their presence and assistance ensured that the Daly Walk to School initiative proceeded smoothly, allowing families to enjoy a worry-free and car-free morning commute.

Daly Elementary School’s principal, Lucia Laguarda, said, “I am extremely grateful to the Daly HSA, Residents Forward, Sands Point Police, United Methodist Church, and all the families for making this event an unforgettable success.”

The Daly Walk to School event serves as a shining example of the positive impact that a united community can have on promoting sustainable transportation and fostering a sense of togetherness.


students with principal

Liv Moses, Arden Suveyke, Una Sandler with Daly Principal Lucia Laguarda

students walking

Back (Left) to Front (Right): Ryan Zwerlein, Peter Koehler, Dillon Zwerlein, Ganesh Persaud, Ela Turgut, Carter Esposito 

students standing

Left to Right: Ryan Zwerlein, Ela Turgut, Valentina Scott, Charlie Zwerlein, Ethan Markowitz, Noah Markowitz, Dillon Zwerlein, Carter Esposito, Matteo Scott, Matthew Belanich


Liv Moses and Jolie Fladell