ENL Family Cultural Night Celebrates Diversity and Community Engagement

Port Washington, NY - The English as a New Language (ENL) Department of the Port Washington School District hosted the ENL Family Cultural Night on Thursday, May 11, 2023, at Schreiber High School Auditorium. Hundreds of families were in attendance, along with ENL teachers and staff, district administrators and members of the Board of Education.


The event's theme, "Appreciating Our Cultural Diversity," was a celebration of the different cultures represented in the district community. The ENL Family Cultural Night provided an opportunity for families and students to come together to learn about and celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions that make our community unique.


During the event, the ENL Department, led by Ms. Priscilla Zárate, recognized students who demonstrated strong civic and community engagement characteristics. Additionally, students from the Language Buddies Program, who used their bilingual skills to support and mentor English language learners at the elementary level, were also recognized for their efforts.


"We are thrilled to have hosted the ENL Family Cultural Night and to have showcased the diverse cultures and traditions represented in our community," said ENL Department Director, Ms. Priscilla Zárate.  "This event provided an opportunity for our students and families to come together, learn from each other, and celebrate our differences."


Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Michael J. Hynes, shared his thoughts on the event, stating, "The ENL Family Cultural Night is a wonderful demonstration of our community's commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and learning from one another. The event provides an opportunity for our students and families to celebrate the different cultures and traditions that make our community so special."


The evening was filled with entertainment, cultural performances, and educational displays. Students and families enjoyed a variety of foods from different cultures, as well as a photo booth, face painting, and other activities.


The Port Washington School District expresses its gratitude to everyone who attended and participated in making the ENL Family Cultural Night a success. The event was an excellent representation of the community's commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and community engagement.


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