Elementary Scrabble Tournament Spells Success for Young Wordsmiths

From October through March, all five elementary schools held a Scrabble Club for 4th and 5th grade students either before or after school.  The Scrabble Club advisors are Julie Katz (Salem), Heather Hoffman (Daly), Lisa Cangialiosi (Sousa), Kimberly Singh (Manorhaven) and Melissa Koulouris (Guggenheim).


The goal of the Scrabble Club was to introduce the game of Scrabble to the students and teach them strategies as well as improve their vocabulary and spelling.


A Scrabble Tournament was held on March 31, 2023 at Daly Elementary School. Three 4th grade students and three fifth grade students from each school participated in the tournament. The students demonstrated their knowledge and skill during the tournament and had a great time. 


The Scrabble Club was sponsored by a generous grant from the Ed. Foundation.


The winners were:

Gavin Brodsky- 5th grade Daly

Louis Simon- 5th grade Salem

Leon Chu- 5th grade Salem

Connor Hotarek- 5th grade Sousa

Taisei Takanashi- 4th grade Manorhaven

Emma Cassens- 4th grade Salem

Lucas Grossman- 4th grade Daly

Adam Zimbardi -4th grade Manorhaven


scrabble tournament