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Message from Dr. Ferrante & Nurse Costello regarding Salem Safe Snacks and Allergy Birthday Notices



*Never give a food, including the below list of foods, to a child with food allergies without explicit consent from the child’s parent or guardian!

All of the below items are peanut and tree nut free products. Ones that are gluten and dairy free are indicated next to the product.  If your classroom has a student with a sesame seed allergy, you will need to read the ingredient list closely.  Most of these items can be found at the local grocery store or Whole Foods (WF).

Nutrition bar
Made Good Crispy Light Granola   (Egg & Dairy free, gluten free)

Vegetable Snack
Enjoy Life Plentils Crunchy Lentil Chips   (Egg & Dairy free, Gluten Free)

Potato chips 
Utz Potato Chips   (Egg free)

Skinny Pop Popcorn -Original   (Gluten and Dairy Free)


Utz Gluten Free Pretzels   (Egg Free)
Herr's Mini Pretzels   (Egg Free)

Oreo Original, Double Stuff 
Bitsy’s Smart cookies   (WF)
School Safe  (WF & Costco)   
Enjoy Life Mini Cookies (WF) (Gluten Free) 

Ice Pops
Marino ice cups  (Gluten Free)

Not to be cut/prepared in your home kitchen to protect from cross contact.


The majority of these peanut and tree nut free products are obtained from the Safe Snack Guide (Updated Monthly).

Please review all labeled ingredients as this may change at any time!



Protocols for Food for Birthday Celebrations (3-5*)

*K-2 classrooms do not celebrate birthdays with food

To ensure the safety for our students with allergies, the following protocols must be followed if your child wants to bring in food for their birthday celebration.  If the following protocols are not followed, your child will not be allowed to share the food with the class. 

The parent/guardian of the child who is bringing in food must do the following:

  1. Choose an item off the approved list (see back of this page).
  2. Once the food item is selected, you need to send an email to the entire class with the picture of the ingredient list at least ONE WEEK PRIOR.
  3. You need to cc both the teacher and Ms. Costello ( on this email.


We truly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. 


Dr. Ferrante and Ms. Costello