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Fifth Graders Show Fancy Footwork

Fifth-graders in the Port Washington School District’s five elementary schools strutted their stuff for their families during the finales of the Dancing Classrooms program. Entertaining evening recitals held at every elementary school provided students with a forum to demonstrate the ballroom dancing skills they learned.

Dancing Classrooms is a 10-week artist-in-residence program, which was integrated into the physical education, health, music and character education programs at each school. Connections were also made to math, social studies and English language arts and students learned self-confidence, teamwork and manners and gained an appreciation for the cultures associated with different dances.

Dancing Classrooms Long Island is a nonprofit program administered by CoDanceCo, which provides this residency program to private and public schools throughout the country. The Helping Enrich the Arts (HEARTS) foundation, the Ed. Foundation and the respective schools’ HSAs and PTAs provide funding to support the program.

“Our schools have been running the Dancing Classrooms program for a few years now; in addition to teaching students physical dance skills, it develops self confidence, and social awareness and contributes to their emotional well-being,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Mooney. “They also learn to work cooperatively with their partners and gain an appreciation for the cultures from which these dances originate.”

Pictured, Guggenheim School students demonstrate an elegant display of ballroom dancing during their Dancing Classrooms finale.