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The Daly News Keeps You Informed

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As a spin-off of the school’s popular online video newscast, approximately 40 fourth- and fifth-grade students at Daly Elementary School are collaborating to inform students and staff about all things Daly by publishing their own newspaper titled “The Daly News.”

“This allows our students to participate in an extracurricular club and truly take a leadership role at school,” said Kim Pinto, Daly’s library-media specialist, who advises the school newspaper club. “As reporters, they are able to contribute ideas, research, practice interviewing and enhance their writing skills.  It also boosts self-esteem by helping them gain confidence and pride in their published work.”   

At the beginning of every issue, students in the club brainstorm ideas, sign up for jobs and specific news assignments. Inspiration and developing stories also come from Pinto, Principal Sheri Suzzan and interviews with other students and staff members.

Ms. Pinto utilizes writer’s planning sheets and a subscription to for content creation and layout formats. Earlier this year she conducted lessons on copyrighting and citing sources of information or graphics that are borrowed from the internet. She discussed the difference between factual reporting and writing opinions or bias. Students provide their own photographs and original artwork as needed to support their stories.

Stacey Sager, a Daly parent and reporter with the Channel 7 Eyewitness News team recently visited with the newspaper club, providing advice, answering questions and giving the first edition of The Daly News” a thumbs-up based on its authenticity. While one edition has already hit the “stands,” two more are planned for the school year.

The inaugural edition included an editorial written by a fourth-grade student titled “How Students Can Make a Difference in the World” based on prior school assemblies, a book in the library, and his own original thoughts. An advice column addressing student issues (based on student input) also appeared. Ms. Pinto said she couldn’t be happier with the paper and the support she and the students have received.

To read the first two editions, click here:

Volume 1 Issue 1

Volume 1 Issue 2

“The Daly News” print edition is made possible through a grant from the Port Washington Ed. Foundation.

“We are fortunate that through the support of organizations such as Ed. Foundation and the creativity of our staff, we are able to provide opportunities to replicate real life entities such as a newspaper,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Mooney. “It’s also nice to hear from a prominent professional in the industry that the students are doing a good job. Kudos to Ms. Pinto and the students.”

Photo Caption A: “The Daly News” newspaper club displays its first print edition along with Daly School library-media specialist/club adviser Kim Pinto (second row, left) and Principal Sheri Suzzan (back row, right).

Photo Caption B: Stacey Sager, a Daly School parent and reporter with the Channel 7 Eyewitness News team recently visited with “The Daly News” newspaper club, providing advice and answering questions about the news industry.