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Schreiber Celebrates the Class of 2018

During the commencement exercises for the Paul D. Schreiber Class of 2018, Principal Dr. Ira Pernick quickly dismissed any doubts about this generation’s ability to stay focused and mobilize for the good of themselves and greater purposes.
He spoke of the class’ ability to use technology to communicate and collaborate with each other and their teachers and bring people together on a common issue.

“You have provided feedback, edited or collaborated with each other to produce your own learning for years. You all know more about communicating with a large number of people than folks like me ever will,” said Dr. Pernick, who encouraged the class to stay together and not allow differences to divide them. “Remember what has brought you all together, especially when the temptation to split apart becomes strongest. I am incredibly proud of this class. You have taught me much – and I cannot wait to see what you do next.”

Assistant principal and Class of 2018 adviser Dr. Julie Torres asked the graduates to remember the values they learned at Schreiber and collectively share, such as truth, honesty, hard work, integrity, kindness, fairness and equality. “I have faith that your awesome and fearless generation is ready, prepared and committed to making a change, so speak your values, live your values, lead with your values,” Dr. Torres said.

Board of Education member Elizabeth Weisburd presented the Bogart Scholarship to Julia Kim, honoring her for academic excellence, outstanding leadership and service to the community. The commencement program was filled with the names of seniors who received awards for their commitment to excellence, school and service.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Kathleen Mooney spoke about the collective $3 million in scholarship monies awarded to the Class of 2018 by colleges and universities across the country, as well as the many generous scholarships and grants offered by school- and community-based organizations in the Port Washington area. Dr. Mooney also noted this year’s accomplishments, including three National Merit Scholarship award winners, five National Merit finalists and a Regeneron Scholar, in addition to numerous local and state awards and achievements in science, social science, math, music, art and athletics.  

“Never underestimate the influence one person can have on the lives of others. You have talents and skills that have been nurtured here and you are now ready to continue to develop them and share them with more of the world. Being able to synchronize with others requires a sense of belonging, rewards a sense of purpose and reveals a part of our nature,” said Dr. Mooney, who also spoke about timing, noting that research shows the morning and later parts of the day tend to be more productive. “This is good to know as you step into a new academic and work environment,” she added. “Everything is timing. And today your timing is spot on.” 

For the third time this year, Schreiber was named a “No Place for Hate” school by the Anti-Defamation League. The award is bestowed to schools that plan multiple activities that go above and beyond the norm to teach acceptance of all people.

Commencement speaker Derek Knight advised his fellow class members to stay true to themselves and uphold their individuality, likening different quirks coming together like notes on a keyboard that make sweet music. “Each individual identity can be celebrated and together form a common community,” Derek said. ”Individuality is about staying true to yourself in the face of adversity.”

After every diploma was awarded, Dr. Mooney confirmed the Schreiber Class of 2018 as graduates, prompting them to toss their caps in the air in celebration and officially move on to collaborate, communicate and create their own futures with a cause. Congratulations, Schreiber Class of 2018!