Port Washington - Home of the VIKINGS
    Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics
    Nick Schratwieser
    @PortWashAD - Twitter 
    @portwashad - Instagram
         767-5990 - Office
    767-5994 - Fax
    Middle School Athletics Coordinator: 
    Kevin Baudo  
    KBaudo@portnet.org - 767-5573 
    Athletic Trainer: Rick Zappala  FZappala@portnet.org - 767-5975
    Clerical Staff:  Marie Tomasi   MTomasi@portnet.org - 767-5990
                             Teresita Valls       TValls@portnet.org- 767-5990
    BOYS LACROSSE Long Island Championship
    Saturday June 4th 12:30 at Hofstra U vs. TBD
    Athletic Training Protocols
    All Athletes who need to see Mr. Zappala must make an appointment.
    Athletes may text Mr. Z at 516.695.4105, or Email at Fzappala@portnet.org.
    There will be no drop-ins at the athletic training room.
    No more than 3 persons can be in the ATR at a time.
    Masks must always be worn in at the ATR.
    If you do not feel well, stay home.  

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