• Thank You for your interest in Schreiber High School's National Art Honor Society!
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    Club Advisor: Ms. Thomas


    Art Honor Society engages in art-oriented activities within the school, community and world.  
    Our goals are to increase positivity and a spirit of service through our partnerships with like-minded organizations.
    2019-2020 is going to be an exciting year!
    Meetings are Tuesday mornings at 7:30am as announced and one Wednesday per month after school.
    Please stop by the Club Fair in September to sign-up!
    Noteworthy Projects we are participating in: 
    "The Memory Project"
    Students in Art Honor Society participated in "The Memory Project," a grant funded generously by the HEARTS Foundation.  "The Memory Project" is a venture that was started to help children around the world feel valued by providing them with meaningful pieces of personal history in the form of portraits.  These portraits were the culmination of weeks of work and were delivered to the children in Bolivia (2017), Haiti (2018) and Myanmar (2019).
     For more information, please visit: https://memoryproject.org/ and to see videos of the portrait delivery please visit: https://memoryproject.app.box.com/v/NicoleThomas.
    "Plant A Row for the Hungry"
    "Plant A Row for the Hungry" is a nationally recognized program that is working at a grass-roots level to end community hunger.  The goal is to provide fresh, nutritional food, grown locally, to those most in need.  Art Honor Society as well as other artist groups in the community are painting the planters that will be used to grow the produce.  The beautifully painted planters are a reminder of the impact of the project as they are placed throughout Port Washington for all to see.  
     For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/PlantARowfortheHungry/

    Pride in Port 


    Mural Painting 

    Cards for Cohen's Children's Hospital

    Gallery Exhibitions

    and more!