Dear Parents,

    We would like you to read the following information very carefully, and please hold onto it for future reference.

    Once again, we need to take a close look at our birthday celebration policy. On numerous occasions, classroom teachers are being put into compromising positions as they receive treats that are not safe for all the students in their class.

    We are making plans for the 2016-2017 school year which will prohibit any food treats from being served during birthday celebrations. Many schools have adopted this policy, and the teachers are planning other ways to ensure that the birthday child feels celebrated on their special day. We will let you know the final details towards the end of this school year.

    For the remainder of the 2015-2016 school year, we need to insist that ONLY the following items are sent in for birthday celebrations:

      • Oreo Cookies
      • Dunkin Munchkins
      • Store bought Rice Crispy Treats
      • Store bought/prepared fruit including fruit cups, applesauce, Jello, or pudding
    • Enjoy Life products available at Stop and Shop
    • Treasure Mills "School Safe" packaged products sold at Whole Foods


    In the event other items are sent in, we will not be allowing distribution and will be substituting the treat with Oreo Cookies which will be kept on hand in the main office.

    Nurse Emily will be sending home a specific letter with students who have food allergies to determine which of these items, if any, are safe for your child.

    Thank you for your continued cooperation in keeping all of the students at Daly School safe. Please contact Mrs. Suzzan with any questions.



    The Daly School Food Allergy Committee