• Senior students with a class “D” license may obtain a permit to park in the Monfort parking lot.  Students without a permit are prohibited from parking anywhere on school grounds. 

     In order to receive a permit, student must present the following:

    • A photo copy of their valid class “D” driver’s license.
    • A photo copy of the vehicle’s valid registration (up to 2).
    • A signed "Straight Up" contract. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

    In order to get a permit you must fill out, sign and then scan all documents.  Email everything, including copies of license and registration to Mrs. Pond at ipond@portnet.org.  You will receive your permit  from the senior class office.  NON PERMIT HOLDERS ARE PROHIBITED and will be subject to disciplinary action as described in the student parking application.

    Mr. Miller’s office will continue to issue tags throughout the year whenever a senior meets these requirements. Please remember that parking in Monfort is on a first-come first-served basis, and having a parking tag does not guarantee you a parking spot.

    Student parking is a privilege and not a right.  Parking spaces are NOT guaranteed, even if a permit has been issued. Student parking permits allow a student to park in designated student parking only.  All senior students who have earned their senior license may apply for a parking permit.  Parking spaces, however, are only available on a daily “first come, first served basis.”  Please be aware of the following.

    • Students with a permit may only park in the Monfort parking lot in the spots designated for students.  These spots are the YELLOW MARKED SPOTS.
    • Students may not park in the faculty lot until after 3:05 p.m.
    • Students may not give their parking permit to any other student.
    • Students must drive in a safe manner and obey all applicable traffic and safety laws.
    • Student may not be late to class due to parking spots not being available – plan and schedule yourself accordingly.

     Violation of any of the above regulations will subject students to the following penalties: 

    • First offense: Permit suspended for 30 days.
    • Second offense: Permit suspended for remainder of school year.
    • Any further offense will lead to possible suspension and parent notification. 

    The school district is not responsible for any damage to cars parked in the Monfort parking lot.  Students park in the Monfort lot at their own risk.

    If you have any questions please email Mr. Miller at dmiller@portnet.org