• National English Honor Society

    The National English Honor Society (NEHS) recognizes the academic accomplishments of America’s high school students and promotes their continuing interest in the English language arts.  
    Faculty Advisors: Ms. Eileen Mills and Ms. Michal Cohan 
    Club meets on Tuesday mornings before school in room B11. 
    Students who would like to tutor, please complete this form. 


    Applications are due by 3:05PM on March 13, 2020


    Note: If you are already in the NEHS, you do not need to reapply!


    Requirements for Membership:

    • One must have a minimum (weighted) cumulative GPA of 3.5 and at least 3.5 in English courses.
    • One must be a full-time student at Schreiber high school at the time of application.
    • One must be a sophomore or junior at the time of application.
    • One must have completed two full semesters at Schreiber prior to induction as members.
    • One must have demonstrated a dedication to English through having completed at least one Honors Option Project or participating in an activity that demonstrates a love of literature or writing.  [Specific supporting information required.]