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    The goal of the program is to provide support to all students who will be the first ones in their families to attend college.   The college process starts in kindergarten and continues to build up at each level.  Every family wants a college education for their children.  However, when a child is a pioneer, he/she could benefit from the guidance of someone who has completed college.  Having the opportunity to meet with mentors who have achieved academic degrees is an amazing opportunity for the students.  They can discuss the importance of extracurricular activities, academic standards,college choices, different careers and obstacles students may face on their way to, or in college. Most importantly they can talk about how they are feeling that day or week. Having a mentor in their lives adds to the child’s “team" of caring adults.   The teachers and community mentors who participate in the program are generous with their time and resources.  This program would not be possible without them. Presently we have 25 students from Weber and Schreiber.  Weber teachers and community members are trained by Mentoring Partnership of Long Island on how to become mentors. Parents and mentees are also trained to clarify the functioning of the program and the different roles. Program Goals: 1 One-on-one  mentoring once a week 2 Provide the opportunity for students to develop a mentor-mentee relationship with one or more adults, other than parents and teachers 3 Develop advocacy skills in order to navigate the educational systems 4 Inspire students to attend college and learn how to stay in college until they graduate 5 Visit colleges to make the experience more attainable and tangible 6 Involve parents to demystify the college process