• Art Department 

    One of the many exciting features of Schreiber High School is the opportunity for students to take classes in the Art Department. The High School Art Department offers courses in drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, computer graphics, photography, illustration, and fashion. Methods, concepts, and skills are developed in a wide range of two and three-dimensional media. Students will also study great works of art during field trips to galleries and museums. All classes are conducted in a studio atmosphere designed to give each student individualized instruction.

    Video by Jonathan Roberts

    We encourage your child to make the most of his or her high school experience by enrolling in an art course. If you would like more information, please feel welcome to call us at 767-5937. 

    Creative Arts Director
    Mr. Kevin Scully

    Mrs. Miranda Best
    Mr. Peter Koch
    Mrs. Kris Murphy
    Ms. Terri Hall
    Ms. Nicole Thomas






Last Modified on September 24, 2019