Report It is an anonymous reporting tool that allows students or parents to anonymously report issues such as:

    • Suicide threat
    • Bullying
    • Alcohol or Drugs
    • Social Media Observation
    • Self Harm or Mental Health
    • Planned School Attacks
    • Weapons or Threat of Violence
    • Other issues of importance

    Reports submitted to the School Safety Hotline are received by the building Administration as well as the Superintendent's office.

    To make a report you may use one fo the following methods:

    1. Report It Online: http://www.report-it.com/
      • To make an anonymous report, log into the Report-It.com website above.  Click on "Report It Now" in the upper right hand corner.
      • If you are using a mobile phone enter the code: "Schreiber"
      • If you are using a desktop computer use the following information:
        • User Name: Schreiber
        • Password: Schreiber
    2. Report from your mobile phone:
      • Text the word "Schreiber" to the number 63975.  You will be sent a link.
    3. Download the ReportIt.com application from the App store. 
      • Once you have installed the App use the code: Schreiber

     Reportit Posters