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    Schreiber High School Physical Education Department
    Welcome Parents and Students!
    My name is Lisa Castaldo and I am so excited to begin my 10th year of teaching Physical Education in the Port Washington School District.
    Prior to Port Washington, I taught for 6 years in the Levittown School District at MacArthur High School.  
    Current Classes:        
    *Outdoor Education
    *9th & 10th Grade Physical Education

    Attendance Policy:  See the Student Handbook for our School Attendance Policy
    (85% Attendance Rule). 
    In the Physical Education Department, 3 Absences in one quarter will result in a grade of F* if missed classes are not made up.  Students can make up classes by going to a Physical Education class during a free period in their schedule and asking a teacher if a make-up is possible.  When class is made-up, that teacher will supply the student with a signed card that should be turned in to receive credit.  Morning and after-school make-up opportunities will be provided to all students at the end of the 2nd and 4th Quarters only. Specific dates and times for these additional make-up's will be posted on locker room doors and announced at the beginning of class as the quarter closing dates near.  Students are expected to arrive to class on-time.  Questions regarding personal absences can be discussed with the teacher before class begins and after the class is dismissed.  
    Grading Policy:  Grades are based on class participation, effort, preparation and attendance.  Each student will receive a Daily Grade, as well as individual assessments from each instructional unit in the curriculum. You may also refer to the Student Handbook for Department-wide grading policy and dress code.
    *Medicals: See the Student Handbook, the Physical Education Staff or the Health Office with any questions regarding daily and long-term Medicals.  Any students who are on a long-term medical leave will need to provide up-to-date medical notes from the physician.  Written assignments will be provided to all students who are on a Long-Term Medical and they will be completed during class time.