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    Schreiber High School Physical Education Department
    (March) *Thank you for your patience during these challenging times. Due to the necessary school closures, we will soon be operating under my Google Classroom for P.E. credit.  Information about classwork and expectations will be posted through those classroom pages in the coming days.  
    Fitness Students, the code to join your class is:  665fceg
    11th/12th Grade classes, the code to access your assignments is : lwensqx
    Adaptive Phys. Ed. class will be contacted via email this week. 
    What's most important at this time is your health and safety!   
    Emails were sent out to all students and their guardian contact email addresses as of Wednesday Morning, 3/18/20.
    If you did not receive an email from me at this time, please contact me at Lcastaldo@portnet.org so information can be sent out to you.  Some addresses were invalid and sent back.  Thank you for your cooperation! 
    Welcome Parents and Students!
    I am currently in my 9th year of teaching Physical Education in the Port Washington School District.
    Prior to Port Washington, I taught for 6 years in the Levittown School District at MacArthur High School.  
    Current Classes:        
    * 11/12 Physical Education
    *Adaptive Phys. Ed

    Attendance Policy:  See the Student Handbook for our School Attendance Policy
    (85% Attendance Rule). 
    In the Physical Education Department, 3 Absences in one quarter will result in a grade of F* if missed classes are not made up.  Students can make up classes by going to a Physical Education class during a free period in their schedule and asking a teacher if a make-up is possible.  When class is made-up, that teacher will supply the student with a signed card that should be turned in to receive credit.  Morning and after-school make-up opportunities will be provided to all students at the end of the 2nd and 4th Quarters only. Specific dates and times for these additional make-up's will be posted on locker room doors and announced at the beginning of class as the quarter closing dates near.  Students are expected to arrive to class on-time.  Questions regarding personal absences can be discussed with the teacher before class begins and after the class is dismissed.  
    Grading Policy:  Grades are based on class participation, effort, preparation and attendance.  Each student will receive a Daily Grade, as well as individual asessments from each instructional unit in the curriculum. You may also refer to the Student Handbook for Department-wide grading policy and dress code.
    *Medicals: See the Student Handbook, the Physical Education Staff or the Health Office with any questions regarding daily and long-term Medicals.  Any students who are on a long-term medical leave will need to provide up-to-date medical notes from the physician.  Written assignments will be provided to all students who are on a Long-Term Medical and they will be completed during class time.