Mr. Gawronski 
    Mr. Gawronski is the 7th and 8th grade Choral Director and 6th grade General Music teacher at Weber Middle School.  He also conducts the Schreiber Acapella Choir, Weber Chamber Choir, Tenor Choir, and Pop Choir.  Mr. Gawronski is an accomplished composer and vocal arranger who routinely performs his original compositions with his choirs.
    Extra Curricular Choir Schedule:
    Monday - Tenor Choir (7:15am in the Chorus Room)
    Tuesday - Chamber Choir (7am in the Chorus Room)
    Wednesday - Schreiber Acapella Choir (7:15am in the High School Choir Room)
    Friday - Pop Choir (7:15am in the Chorus Room) *only meets January - May

    Contact Info: mgawronski@portnet.org