Welcome to Kindergarten
    Ms. Kim - Room 3
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                  tomato     osito vegetable      lucy & osito    flamingo dance  osito books      Can you find what we ate during the summer?     Lucy and Osito resting,         Osito watching the hat dance in Mexico,                BOOKS! BOOKS! BOOKS!  I love to read books and write stories!                           

                                                                                                                 August 2018

    Dear  Parents, Caregivers and future Kindergarteners,


     Welcome to kindergarten at Manorhaven School and to room 3.  My name is

     Ms. Jennifer Kim and I will be your teacher for this year.  I have been teaching and learning from children over 10 years and I look forward to learning with you

    this year!

      We have a special bear in our class name Osito!  Some of you may already know him from your older brothers and sisters who may have been with him in Kindergarten.  If  you don’t know him, that’s OK.  You will meet him soon and he looks forward to meeting you! 

    Every summer Osito and I like to travel and garden.  This year, Osito and I enjoyed our Manorhaven School garden and watched the vegetables grow.  We also went to  Mexico and worked with children in a small town near Cancun.    We taught them English and they taught us how to speak Spanish!  Before we went to Mexico, Osito and I wanted to find out more about Mexico.  Since we love to read and learn something new, we did some research about Mexico at the library and the internet. Did you know that in Mexico, they speak Spanish, just like people from Spain in Europe? We learned that many countries in South America speak Spanish!

    Osito and I also visited our school Manorhaven garden! We tried some vegetables and fruits from there.   We ate lots of fruits and vegetables from Manorhaven garden this summer.  We especially ate a lot of this “fruit” -  some say they are not fruit because they are not sweet.  Some say they are fruit because they have seeds in them.  What do you think?  Can you find it from the photos above?  It starts with the letter “t” and ends with a letter “o”.

    Also, do you notice the yellow flower in the photo above?  Once the flower petal wilts, in its place, there will be a vegetable growing… can you guess what it will be?

    Finally, Osito and I also spent some time with “Lucy” and “Desi.”  They are two tabby cats we recued.  They get into a lot of mischief at home.  We will tell you more about them when we meet.

    We look forward to sharing our stories and listening to yours when we meet!  

    See you in September!



                                                                   Ms. Jennifer Kim, Ms. Cuellar and Osito


     About Osito.....



    osito bugs osito's blueberry
    I love to eat seafood, crunchy bugs, vegetables and berries. 
    I love to have playdates with my classmates.
    I love to listen to stories,  read and come to school.
    I love kindergarten!