•                     Welcome to 8th Grade Band!

    Questions regarding 8th grade band: Dr. Andrew, eandrew@portnet.org

    Questions regarding 7th grade band: Mr. Beiersdorfer, bbeiersdorfer@portnet.org

    Questions regarding 6th grade band: Mr. Cherry, jcherry@portnet.org

    ***Please make sure your child's instrument is well labeled. Do not rely on past labels. Many instruments state a child's first name only and the elementary school they attended! Many instrument tags have fallen off! Many students rely on their own knowledge of what their instrument case looks like, which does not help when an instrument is left on a bus, etc.***


    Tips for Getting Started

    * Percussion students need to carry their own drum sticks and mallets to and from each band class. A "stick bag" is recommended. 

    * Saxophone/clarinet students should have a new box of reeds (Rico, size 2.5)

    * Trumpet students need to put a drop of valve oil into the bottom hole of each valve before bringing their trumpet to school. Valve oil should be kept in each student's case! 

    * Students should have a music stand at home (a $15 music stand is perfect!) and a place to practice at home.