•   News from Dr. Virgilio
    ~  June 2016  ~ 
     As we end another school year, I am reminded about "why" I love teaching in the Port Washington School District.  It is always such a pleasure working with your children and watching the growth that takes place each year.  In PEP, we celebrated another exciting year, which included academically challenging units of study, creative activities, laughter, and a constant love of learning.  Your children kept me motivated and excited to teach every single day.  Their sense of humor, thirst for learning, kindness and respect towards each other is really admirable. As always, I wanted to take a moment to thank you again for all of your support of the PEP program, over these years. While I will miss my "kids" so much, I know they will continue to learn and thrive in the Port Schools and I look forward to hearing about their many accomplishments! 
    Dr. Virgilio 
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