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    This year in our hybrid model ALL classwork and notes will be found and stored on the student Core POD Google Classroom dashboards/streams. 

    Students will find a list of topics on the left of the "Classwork" tab in the Google Classroom where the will find a topic for Notes, Homework, Practice, Classwork  and various other topics. However I will also post a weekly calendar, the Blue 6 team "News & Notes", a homework section listing each homework assignment for the current week that will be stored and ready to complete on the student Google Classroom stream/dashboard.
    Extra help will be available twice a month before school. For all dates please visit the Extra Help schedule link below. If you would like an "extra" "extra" help in the morning, please speak with me privately to schedule a morning appointment.

    Ms. Robles
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    Weber Middle School
    Email Address: rrobles@portnet.org