Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School

    Technology Education                                                            Port Washington UFSD

    S.T.E.M. - Integrating Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology


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    S.T.E.M. is taught at Weber 
    Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
    Weber Tech Ed:


    Students take classes in TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION in 6th and 8th grades.
    BRIDGE BUILDING w/ Mr. Shampanier: Students build scale-model Truss Beam wooden bridges. When completed, each bridge is tested to find the highest strength-to-weight ratio.

    BOATS w/ Mr. Stepanek: Students design and create their own rubber-band powered boats. Boats are raced in a five foot long tank for the fastest or slowest boat.

    PROBLEM SOLVING w/ Mr. Czachor: Students work in groups to brainstorm ideas and solve problems by building things and competing in contests.
    SCRATCH w/ Mr. VanKurin: Students will learn about coding and programming with Scratch. 
    AIR-POWERED DRAGSTER CARS w/ Mr. Shampanier: Having learned the concepts of aerodynamics, drag, friction and weight, students engineer the fastest car. Powered by compressed air – the lightest, and most aerodynamic car wins!
    ROBOTICS w/ Mr. Stepanek: Students learn about the concepts and application of robotics.
    VIDEO w/ Mr. Czachor: Students brainstorm ideas to compete in a variety of problem solving contests.
    ARCHITECTURE w/ Mr. VanKurin: Students use a computer to design a 500 sq. ft. apartment and a 2500-3000 sq. ft. house. 
    Retired Technology Education Teachers
    from Weber Middle School
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    Mr. Marty Farber
    Retired 1993 
    Mr. Charlie Lehman
    Retired 2003
    Mr. Ray Ehrlich
    Retired 2010
    Mr. Alan Hagel
    Retired 2011
    Mr. Paul Kosiba
    Retired 2015
    In Memoriam
    Mr. Tom Corrigan
    New York State Technology Education Standards Grades 5-8