OLWEUS WEBER STARS!
    star gifMany students and staff members at Weber Middle School go through their day being respectful and caring, helping those with crutches, holding doors for others, helping a student who has dropped their books, or saying a gracious, “thank you” to others. 

    Once a quarter, those recognized for these little random acts of kindness by students and staff are awarded an Olweus Weber STAR.

    Olweus Weber STARs are nominated by Weber staff and students once a quarter. An Olweus Weber STAR is a student or staff member that displays one or more of the following qualities: respect, responsibility, good character,
    commitment to community, academic improvement, effort, exemplary behavior, and/or sportsmanship.

    Every Weber student or staff member has a chance to be an Olweus Weber STAR! A student or staff member can nominate anyone they feel deserves the privilege of becoming a STAR. When nomination time arrives, students 
    and staff members can send an email to Ms. Shirian (eshirian@portnet.org) or Ms. Mullins (smullins@portnet.org) and let us know that there is someone in the building who is deserving of this honor.

    After staff consideration, all nominees are presented with a  Weber STAR certificate. Students and staff that receive the honor of being named an Olweus Weber STAR are notified during a special morning announcement whereby a certificate 
    of recognition is awarded during homebase. A congratulatory letter is also mailed to the Olweus Weber STAR student's family, and all STAR names are displayed prominently outside of the Counseling Office for the school year.