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    Mrs. Vaserstein teaches Special Education Courses at Schreiber.
    You can contact her at gvaserstein@portnet.org
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    A reminder that everyone has Strengths and Weaknesses.  Being aware of ones' personal areas and degrees of intelligence helps to inform the educational choices that one can make to better themselves. Take a minute to watch the following video.  Then, reflect on the questions listed below.   
    What was your focus when you watched the video?  Did you focus on the movement, the social interaction, the sound? Did you focus on the use of color and stage positions? Did you read the poem scrolling along the bottom of the page? We are naturally inclined to focus on the areas of our own "intelligence".  Here are the way they correspond:
    Linguistic Intelligence: Read the poem
    Logical Mathematical Intelligence: Noted the use of space on the stage or rhythm of the music
    Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence: Noted the movement of the dancers
    Intrapersonal Intelligence: Noted your own personal reflections as you watched
    Interpersonal Intelligence: Noted the relationship the dancers portrayed within the dance
    Naturalistic Intelligence: Noted the males hair looks like a bird's
    Musical Intelligence: Focused on the music being played (you might even have it stuck in your head now)
    Visual Intelligence: Noted the color of the background and the costumes
    Try watching again, but this time take the opportunity to improve upon your weaker areas by focusing on things you did not notice before.  By working on our weaknesses and celebrating our strengths, we can become more rounded and industrious individuals.