• Siegmund Souza - Information Technology Specialist I
    PWUFSD District Technology - Schreiber High School
    Part of the Schreiber High School tech support team. 
    Before calling or e-mailing tech support, here are some things to try to do or remember if possible... 
    - Restart the machine.  Many times a software or hardware issue can be taken care of with a restart of the machine.  Sometimes powering the machine down completely and then powering it back up may be needed.
    - Check all connections.  Sometimes hardware does not work because it is simply not connected.  Make sure all connections are there for the monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.  Even though they may look connected in reality they may not be. 
    - If the issue is with software or the system crashing try to recall the following if you can.
         - Does the issue happen on all machines in the lab/classroom you are using or just some of them?  if it is some of them, then which ones?
         - What were you doing when the crash happened? (e.g. I was trying to save a word document to My U: drive or IE crashed when I tried to go to the site www.sun.com, etc.).  Also, does this crash happen always when you do these things like going to that particular web site or save that particular file to the U: drive? 
    The more details that can be given on an issue will usually make for a better and faster resolution of the issue you are having.
    The best way to contact tech support is to send an e-mail to Tech Support Schreiber.  Or if you need to call you can contact Pat Baglio, Schreiber's ITA (Information Technology Aide) at extension 5872.