• Student/Parent Information for Co-Teaching Program

    Organization and preparation are the keys to academic success in high school.

    General Information:

    The purpose of this class is to help each student:

    • better understand the content in core classes through the pre-teaching and re-teaching of material 
    • increase their independence
    • improve self-advocacy
    • meet their IEP goals




    • Homework is a key component of student success.
    • Students are expected to write all homework assignments in the planner that has been provided by the school.
    • Students should be completing a minimum of 1-1 ½ hours of homework/studying nightly.
      • If students do not have a specific assignment to complete, they should study/review their notes.
    • Students should attempt to complete all sections of each homework assignment using class notes and their textbook as a guide.
      • If students have difficulty with homework, they should meet with their classroom teachers before/after school or during free time. (Extra help schedules for each teacher are found outside of each subject Resource Room.)


    Writing Assignments:

    • Writing skills and organization are essential for academic success. 
    • Students will be required to read several novels and short stories throughout the school year. 
      • Please encourage them to read/re-read assigned chapters at home on a nightly basis and take notes as they read.
      • Students can use colored pens/pencils and Post-its to annotate as they read.
    • The Writing Center (located outside the hallway to the Library in room 212), is available for students who require additional writing support, during 4-1 and 4-2.             



    • In order to utilize extended time on tests, students must complete exams during first free period or first resource period following initial test administration.
    • Any questions or written response that is started must be finished by the end of the initial testing period. Students will NOT be able to go back and make changes to any questions after the initial testing period has ended.
      • Extra time will be used to finish questions/writing that students did not begin during initial testing period