Sara Brock
    English Department 
    Wonder is not precisely Knowing
    And not precisely Knowing not--
                                --Emily Dickinson
    Contact information:
    Courses for 2018-2019:
    Sophomore English 1 (Fall)
    Sophomore English 2 (Spring)
    Advanced Writing Workshop (Grade 11, Full Year)
    English Regents AIS
    *Please note that most of my online materials for my students (and their families) have migrated to Google Classroom. Once the semester begins, you will be able to access many documents there--including course overviews, readings, handouts, and assignment guidelines.  If you having trouble with the online enrollment, please don't hesitate to email me for help.
    Google Classroom Access Codes for Fall 2018--
    Sophomore English 1, Section 8:  q9m2xxu
    Sophomore English 1, Section 9:  pkds59t
    Sophomore English 1, Section 10:  ww9lf0h
    Sophomore English 1, Section 15:  x3jw2nq
    Sophomore English 1, Honors Project: bb9ngz
    Advanced Writing (AP):  552yrw