Parents and students who are seeking accommodations for any of the national standardized tests (SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT) must receive authorization from these agencies for testing accommodations.  Even if a student has testing accommodations through the school, they will not carry over into these tests automatically.  In order to make a formal request families must take the following steps:
    First:  Determine the test and test administration date.  You can find this information on the Schreiber Guidance and CollegeBoard/ACT Websites.  Play close attention to the deadline dates.
    Second:  Download the following forms and return them to your counselor:
                   Processing Form:   High School Request Form   
                   SAT/AP EXAM Permission Authorization:   SAT/AP EXAM Permission Slip 
                   ACT Permission Authoritzation:  ACT Permission Slip 
    Each of these tests will require specific information based on the nature of the request (accommodations), the disability, and other factors.  In addition, the process is different for each of these agencies.  Parents and students should not expect that the same outcome  
Last Modified on November 21, 2018