• The Port Washington Student Health screening questionnaire as required by New York State has been updated. 


    You will receive an email every morning for each student going to a Port Washington public school building. 


    You will need to click on the link read the questionnaire and choose appropriately.


    If you don't answer the email, ~1 hour before school starts you will get a text message about the Student Health screening questionnaire, and that will be followed 1/2 hour later by a phone call if the text message or email has not been answered.  Once you answer the email for that morning for that child the text message will not come, nor will the phone call.  So, try and answer the email at least 1 hour before school starts. 


    If you are NOT receiving the email, text message, and phone you will need to update your contact information with your child's school. 


    If you feel you are having a technical problem with this system please email  healthscreening@portnet.org  from your known contact email address.  Only email addresses that are registered as contact's email address with the Port Washington UFSD will be answered.  Again, if the email address is wrong or you aren't getting the emails please update your contact information with your child's school.