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    Philosophically, Schreiber High School believes that the best way for students to obtain assistance with their school work is through seeing their teacher for extra help.  To learn more about student extra help please visit the Extra Help section of the web site. 
    Some students find they benefit from one on one work with a student tutor.  The academic honor societies in each subject area discipline do provide connections to student tutors. 
    The list of Honor Societies and their advisors is as follows:
    National Honor Society - Mr. Jeremy Klaff - 767-5942
    Foreign Language Honor Society - Mrs. Carol Ferrante - 767-5946
    English Honor Society - Ms. Eileen Mills - 767-5869
    Math Honor Society - Mr. Bryan Gorman - 767-5951
    Tri M Music Honor Society - Mr. Anthony Pinelli - 767-5910
    Students should speak to their guidance counselors, or the advisors of the honor society in that area, in order to make a connection with a student tutor.
    Occasionally, parents may seek the assistance of a teacher to tutor their child.  Please conatct your child's guidance counselor to discuss this if you feel it is needed.  Please note that by policy our staff is not allowed to tutor their own students.  Below is the text of BOE policy #4134 on "Private Tutoring by Port Washington UFSD Staff."
    Port Washington UFSD

    Board of Education Policy #4134




    It is the philosophy of the School District that needed academic assistance will be provided by the School District.


    Among the available services are before and after school help and during the regular school day such as small group instruction time, study skill centers and individual help.


    Private Tutoring

    1. No staff member may offer private tutoring (i.e, provide an educational service for a fee) to a child in his/her own class.


    2. Private tutoring for a fee cannot take place on school grounds before, during, or after school hours.


    3. The School District does not permit professional staff to use school time, District funds, District facilities or District channels of communication to recommend private tutoring for a fee for students.


    4. Upon request of a parent or guardian, a staff member may provide private tutoring to a student who is not a student in his/her own class, except that staff members may not provide private tutoring using or referencing questions that are or will be on a departmental examination.


    Commercial Solicitation

    Staff members shall not engage in advertising or commercial solicitations on school time or using district funds, District facilities or District channels of communication.


    Adopted February 27, 2007

Last Modified on August 17, 2018