• Schreiber High School

    2019 June Testing Information

    Dear Parents,

    This letter includes useful information concerning June Testing (Friday, June 14 through Tuesday, June 25). The last day of classes for seniors is Wednesday, June 12 and the last day of classes for underclassmen is Thursday, June 13. There are no classes during testing weeks.

    Students only attend to sit for a given exam. A testing schedule of dates, times and locations is included with this letter. For further student reference the high school will have the testing schedule displayed in the lobby and guidance hallways. Classroom teachers have also provided testing information to the students. In addition, testing information is posted as Quick Links on Schreiber’s homepage on Portnet.org. (By mid-May the Modified Bus schedule during testing weeks and the Regents Review schedule will be included on the website). Please be aware that the testing schedule displays well using the Chrome browser and the latest version of Internet Explorer.

    The high school cafeteria will be open daily for breakfast and lunch but with a more limited menu.

    Please note that regardless of any information from the State Education Department or other sources, all Schreiber morning exams begin at 8:15 AM; all afternoon exams begin at 12:15 PM.

    Except when otherwise indicated on the testing schedule, local tests are planned for two hours. However, all Regents exams are for three hours.

    Conflict Room (room 117):

    Regents exams may not be made up until the following testing cycle offered by NY State (August). 

    Students who have been officially approved for extended testing time accommodations will finish their test in the Conflict Room at the end of the regular testing time in the regular testing room. Students are to be accompanied by their teacher from the test to the Conflict Room.

    Special education students with more significant testing modifications have exclusive arrangements that have been organized through the Special Education department.

    ENL students will also enjoy exclusive arrangements including specific testing accommodations.

    Security: To optimize testing security no backpacks are permitted in the building. Any student attempting to enter with a backpack will have it confiscated by school personnel to be stored in a locked lobby closet. Any bag/backpack left after 3:30 PM will remain locked in the closet until the following school morning. In addition, no electronic devices are permitted during an exam. Instead, devices will be powered down and handed over to the testing proctor who will keep the device until the student permanently exits the test. Any student in violation of this practice will be subject to an invalidation of the test.

    It has been our experience that students should begin preparing for Regents and final exams well in advance of the testing week. Moreover, because prolonged, late-night studying often results in exhaustion and stress we strongly encourage ample rest and healthy relaxation when possible.

    Typically Schreiber students are well-prepared for exams; despite the rigorous work, testing week is often a welcomed change in the student schedule. We recognize and support the students with this responsibility and wish them success.

    Warm regards,

    Schreiber administration