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Nutrition Week

In December, the Nutrition Committee hosted a Healthy Recipe contest at all five elementary schools. Students were asked to share a healthy recipe to be featured in all five elementary schools. We’re excited to announce the winners. Monday, March 27th we will feature Famous Chicken and Pasta submitted by Daly’s Beckett and Lexington. Tuesday, March 28th we will feature  Chicken Francese submitted by Guggenheim’s Lyla. March 29th we will feature Roasted Veggies Winter Special submitted Manorhaven’s by Manav.  Thursday, March 30th we will feature Dahlia’s Sunset Smoothie submitted by Salem’s Dahlia. And finally, Friday, March 31st we will feature A&A Pasta submitted by Sousa’s Adia and Austen. We can’t wait to taste everyone’s dishes! We encourage all students to try these great meals!